Excel Health
and Performance

At EXHP Our Vision Is

our vision is to offer world class fitness coaching

Our Coaching Philosphy revolves around the following key principles:

Mindset is at the forefront of positive lifestyle changes.
Nutrition should be made as simple and easy to follow as possible.
Training has to be suited to each individual.
Strength is king, but conditioning and accessory work is also important.

Our Services

We Offer a range of training services that meet all needs.

Online Coaching

If we can’t get to you in person, we offer an online service. 

Group Training

Our group training option
consists of up to three
structured group training
sessions focusing on imporving overall general health in fitness.

Semi Private

Our semi-private option is a hybrid package that combines the benefits of individualisation
while training in small groups with similar goals.

Private Training

Our private option is our top of the line style package where we offer a fully individualised
training experience.

Contact us to find out further about any of our packages or any general enquiries

Real World Results

Listen to what some of our clients have to say.

Jordan Sandeman

Jordan has lost over 10kg since joining EXHP: in February. Jordan’s as developed and grown in which has also lead to a clearer mindset. Jordan is now able to move better and run out games of footy. 

Braden Anderson

Braden has lost over 20kg since joining EXHP: in February. Braden obtained strength and symmetry in his body which has allowed him to successfully return to footy after a knee reconstruction.

EXHP: News

Helpful Advice and Motovation from the team at EXHP

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